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gistec is pleased to announce a discount scheme for attending training courses at our training center. Special discounts are given to group registration, education staff and students, individuals attending several courses, and client site classes. See full details.

Training Services

gistec Training Services

gistec Training Center is a designated Esri Authorized Learning Center which offers a range of authorized training courses to meet the needs of GIS users and those who wish to fully utilize the capabilities of a GIS technology in the UAE and the GCC region. We provide training opportunities to enhance and broaden GIS skills, to keep those skills current with the latest technology and software developments.

With every training availed under the following services that we offer comes our 24/7 long term support to our trainees’ inquiries on their GIS problems to ensure practical applications of what has been taught and learned inside the classroom.

1. Standard Training Program

We provide training courses based on Esri standards on teaching GIS technology skills and best practices to equip our users to work on GIS workflows on desktop, server, mobile, and web development. We use current training materials from Esri so students are ensured that are taught on the latest software release. Each training course is delivered by an Esri authorized instructor. Students earn an internationally-recognized Esri student certificate upon completion of the course.

2. Customized Training Program

We offer classes which are especially designed to cater the specific needs of our customers. From telecommunications, sewerage services, transportation, government, military, oil and gas, and other industries, to technology-based and application-based tracks, we make sure to cover the training needs, build up areas of specialization, and strengthen areas of weakness of our clients.

3. Tailored Training Program

At one point in time, users may find some standard training courses very long, but not all of the topics are relevant to their field of work. In this case, the client may request ahead of training time to select some specific topics that they want to tackle during the actual training session.

4. Special Training Program

Specific training needs of clients are catered through a program of training courses especially designed for them according to their GIS & training requirements. A series of training courses will be available at a special price.

5. On-the-job Training program

Clients are provided training courses while allowing them to work using their own GIS data.

6. Localized/translated Training Services

We make sure that our clients get the full grasp and understanding of the training courses that we provide. With Arabic as the GCC’s mother tongue, we can deliver training courses in Arabic using standard GIS Arabic terminologies and within the context of its indigenous culture.

7. Business Partner Training Program

We also provide training courses on remote sensing and photogrammetry (PCI Geomatica), facilities management (UT for ArcGIS), spatial ETL (SAFE FME), and web-based GIS (Geocortex), among others.

gistec Training Center offers more than 100 training sessions each year. Majority of which are introductory and advanced training courses on Esri GIS software. Training courses are offered at the gistec Training Center or on-site at customer premises.

gistec Training Center has well-equipped training labs consisting of powerful workstations with large monitors connected to dedicated servers to conduct advanced training courses on ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. Since its inception, it has trained more than 5,000 individuals from various government agencies and private companies in the UAE and GCC countries.

Other Services

8. Training Consultation Services

Our broad GIS expertise ensures our users that they get the exact training program they need through consultations on technical services, training needs assessment, capacity building for client’s GIS units, and measurement of training return on investment.

9. GIS Career Development Services

We offer training programs especially designed to meet the needs of anyone interested to pursue a career in the field of GIS in various tracks such as administration, development, analysis, among others.  The programs are divided according to different GIS career paths based on the varying GIS tasks for each role. Series of courses are selected and developed to cover the wide-range of knowledge, skills, and qualifications required for each career path. Some of the career path we cater to are GIS end users, developers, analysts, and GIS managers and project  managers .This also includes career orientation for both postgraduate and undergraduate students.

10. Post-Training Support Services

Our training team has train-and-maintain principle. We build strong relationships with our users by providing them more than just standard services. After equipping them with the latest GIS information through training, we continue to provide long term support to their inquiries and GIS problems to ensure practical applications of what has been taught and learned inside the classroom.

11. Summer Training Program for GIS Students

gistec contributes in different ways in building GIS capacity in the UAE and focuses on Emiratis to take over the technology. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we provide summer trainings to students and faculty staff who are specializing in the field of GIS. This program aims to increase awareness among students about the latest in GIS technology. It also seeks to equip GIS students for the opportunities that abound in the field after graduation by providing them professional GIS training courses.

12. Internship Program

Annually, gistec holds the GIS Career Forum in some selected universities with the cooperation and participation of various government and non-government organizations to increase students’ awareness of GIS implementations in different sectors and industries. Students are given the chance to consult with these sectors regarding their respective GIS implementations and ask for internship opportunities. After the forum, students can submit their CV which gistec distributes to the participating sectors.

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