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About Us

gistec is a professional solutions and services company specializing in the development for Geospatial, intelligent and enterprise platforms and applications for clients in a variety of sectors and industries.

Our services include GIS consulting, database services, geographic imaging, applications development, server, web and mobile GIS, and training. Apart from offering leading GIS software from Esri, we also offer Geocortex Web GIS solutions from Latitude Geographics, utility GIS solutions from AED-SICAD, ETL software from Safe Software, telecom GIS products from Ericsson, and remote sensing and image processing solutions from PCI Geomatics, among others.

gistec does not just sell these software products, but also designs, develops and delivers turnkey solutions to meet the unique business requirements of its customers.

For more information or questions about gistec and its services, please email us at info@gistec.com.



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