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Geospatial Scientific Summit

November 27-28, 2013
Dr. Sultan Al-Qassimi Centre for Gulf Studies, Sharjah

Advancing the role of geospatial technology in scientific applications and research

Since the time John Snow mapped a cholera outbreak in London in 1854 which led him to stop the source of the disease, spatial analysis has become an important aspect of scientific research, planning, and decision making in different industries and disciplines. Today, geospatial technology provides one of the most effective tools in analyzing, understanding, and managing the problems the world faces.

Incorporating geospatial component has provided industries, government and academic sectors in the Middle East new ways to better understand local and regional problems and challenges. The summit will try to determine the current status of the role and use of geospatial technology in the region’s academic and scientific community, provide a venue for discussing the issues they face in using current geospatial tools and techniques and try to come up with initiatives and solutions to address barriers to fully adopt the use of geospatial technology in scientific applications and research.



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