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Telcordia® Network Engineer

What is Network Engineer?

The Network Engineer management system gives you an accurate, geospatial representation of your network.

Network Engineer features include:

  • Single Network View. Helps you easily create, document, and manage an end-to-end model of your entire network – including inside and outside plant facilities.
  • Automated Work Order Management. Streamlines complex tracking of your work orders and their transitions, and ensures all changes mesh with your existing network.
  • Fiber-to-the-Home. Enables direct fiber build by helping you plan, design, document, and manage your fiber-related network technologies.
Want added capabilities? Supplement Network Engineer with:
  • Telcordia® Analyst
    Boosts productivity by giving you quick access to decision analysis, work order approval, reporting, and data sharing.
    Download Analyst Module Brochure
  • Telcordia® Design Assistant
    Tailors your network design process to your best practices. Automate repetitive and labor-intensive outside plant design tasks to reduce design build-out duration from days to a matter of minutes.
    Download Design Assistant Module Brochure
  • Telcordia® Integration Assistant
    Uses configurable tools to consistently, reliably send and receive information to/from other systems.
  • Telcordia® Schematic Assistant
    Generates multiple network views, so you can easily analyze connectivity and choose locations for network development.
    Download Schematic Assistant Module Brochure


Advantages of Network Engineer

Download Network Engineer Brochure

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