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3-GIS offers cutting edge, thin client mapping solutions for the utility, telecommunication and emergency/incident management industries. Leveraging the latest mapping technology, 3-GIS products deploy advanced mapping solutions to both the mobile and desktop user. 3-GIS Mobile, its field application, and 3-GIS Web, its browser-based solution operate on Esri's ArcGIS Server platform. Adding its third solution, 3-GIS Admin, creates a full enterprise experience at a fraction of today’s typical software cost. All three solutions are available in the 3-GIS Network Solutions bundle. Through enhanced interoperability, adherence to a Service Oriented Architecture, and Web 2.0 technology, 3-GIS provides GIS-enabled asset management in a user-friendly experience never before achieved with a total cost of ownership lower than ever imagined.

3-GIS is mapping the future of geospatial innovation by developing solutions that are smart, fast, easy-to-use and affordable.

3-GIS Mobile utilizes multiple connection technologies to allow field users to post data back from the field (and receive updates) in near real-time. By having current and accurate data, better decisions are made and mistakes and unnecessary truck rolls are eliminated. 3-GIS Web allows you to reach the entire utility operation by displaying accurate and detailed GIS asset information to every desktop in the company. With 3-GIS browser-based products, deployment complexity is not even an after-thought, its inconsequential. With current asset data readily available, a company is better informed and timely decisions are made in a collaborative manner across all levels of the enterprise.

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