SDI Solutions


The software framework for the development of spatial data infrastructures

The sdi.suite provides a software framework for developing and managing regional, local and organisational spatial data infrastructures (SDI).

The core of the sdi.suite comprises components which enable the provision and management of a high quality services, data and applications network based on international standards (OGC, ISO) in the Internet or Intranet.

Features Profile

  • Publication of geospatial resources via ISO metadata
  • Search for services, geospatial data, and applications in a SDI network via OGC Catalogue Services
  • Direct access to OGC services via web clients
  • Use of geospatial web services on mobile handheld devices via smartClient
  • Monitoring of service availability and quality via serviceMonitor
  • Integration and use of value added services
  • Development of service based specialised applications
  • Development and construction of geoportal

The sdi.suite contains the following applications and services:

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