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AED-SICAD is one of Europe's largest providers of state-of-the-art GIS applications based on the Esri platform for the sectors of Utilities (UT for ArcGIS) and Land Management (LM for ArcGIS). The UT for ArcGIS Product Suite is the leading Esri-based Utility Solution in Europe. It combines powerful server-based components for editing, analyzing, viewing, web viewing, and mobile viewing. It focuses on a web services-oriented architecture with standard modules for system integration. AED-SICAD is Esri Platinum Partner.

Product Lines

UT for ArcGIS

The UT for ArcGIS Product Suite is a professional product suite, covering the needs for mobile use of geo data, web solutions, high-end editing comfort in a desktop environment, planning solutions and integration of other IT systems (e.g. ERP, SCADA, network calculation). All components are based on the world’s leading GIS technology by Esri.

  • Server – UT web services to access your data
  • Integrator – Connecting with enterprise IT
  • Full Desktop – High-end editing and analysis
  • Smart Desktop – Asset management and mobile processes
  • Web Clients – UT workflows for browsers and smart devices
  • Extensions – Enabling specific utility requirements

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