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GISTEC understands the importance of introducing the right as well as optimum technologies for creating the GIS platform and implementing a solution using the best and the latest state-of-art 3D-GIS technologies that will satisfy property developer’s business needs. 3D solution integrated with Geocortex is a unique cost effective solution designed to cater the Land/Building management solution. The solution is built on a concept of leveraging the use of state-of-art and latest COTS approach to maximize the business value for property developer’s so that the solution and technologies provided are sustainable and there is critical business continuity in the future. In this regard, GISTEC has proposed the latest Esri’s ArcGIS family of products such as ArcGIS for desktop, server,3D city Engine and Geocortex. By introducing a COTS framework, the solution on the long-run will be minimized and will help client to maintain and upgrade the system in the years to come.


GISTEC was involved with Telecom provider in introducing powerful GIS analytics capabilities using Geocortex for different stakeholders to visualize business data in a geospatial context. One of such initiatives taken by GISTEC on this front is the creation of the Analytics site in early 2015 that has helped the Telecom provider, see spatial patterns to their different data sets such as complaints, revenue, etc. which otherwise would have impossible to visualize or interpret on a normal tabular interface. Various forms of visualization patterns were used in this process namely heat maps, charts, bubble maps and time sliders.

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