SAFE Spatial ETL Solution

FME Platform Overview

Safe Software's FME® is the only true spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) platform that helps you easily solve the complete spectrum of data interoperability challenges, including managing proprietary and evolving data formats, adapting to new schemas and lack of standards and difficulties accessing, restructuring, integrating and distributing data.

FME is the Swiss army knife for your data. It takes control of your data with FME?s integration software.FME provides support for over 345+ GIS, CAD, raster and database formats to let you seamlessly translate, transform, integrate and distribute your spatial data in hundreds of formats - while improving efficiency, reducing costs and lowering risks.

With the flexibility and power of the FME platform, you can quickly and easily:

  • Enable spatial data migration / translation projects
  • Exchange spatial data between CAD and GIS systems
  • Distribute spatial data to multiple user communities
  • Extend the lifetime of legacy systems through data interoperability
  • Supply spatial data to web applications
  • Federate data from disparate database systems
  • Transform data from one data model to another

FME is the only solution available that can truly address the complete range of spatial ETL tasks you may need to perform when solving your data interoperability challenges:

Data Translation

Use FME to quickly translate data to/from over 345+ GIS, CAD, raster and database formats, while viewing and inspecting these translations at any step in the process.

Data Transformation

Transform the geometry of your data using FME's gallery of hundreds of transformers and freely reproject your data into the coordinate system you prefer

Data Integration

Integrate data from different formats and data structures with complete control using the advanced data transformation capabilities offered by FME.

Data Distribution

Enable large amounts of spatial data to be efficiently distributed over the Web with FME's flexible web services and powerful batch processing capabilities. End users can easily access the most current spatial data in the format and coordinate system of their choice - without increasing the burden on your GIS or IT teams.

FME Demos

    SAFE DemoSee FME in Action. Get quick insight on how you can use FME to address your data conversion and distribution challenges.

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