Facilities Management


AED-SICAD is the leading GIS application company in Europe, offering standard applications and tailor-made solutions. Its portfolio comprises high-end geo-information systems for the key segments utilities, cadastre and land management. Additionally, AED-SICAD offers expert consulting on a variety of GIS topics, with a strong focus on system integration and scaling Esri technology within large accounts.

Product Lines

ArcFM UT (Product for Utilities)

ArcFM UT is one of the most feature-rich GIS products for multi-utilities on the market. It is developed out of AED-SICAD's over 25 years of experience. ArcFM UT made AED-SICAD a partner of all sorts of energy companies – from small municipal suppliers to international multi-utilities, operating all kinds of data (electricity, gas, water, sewage, district heating, telecom and basemap). With ArcFM UT, these professional users have a versatile and powerful platform for all spatial processes – both within the companies themselves and with enhanced added value coming from services provided for third parties.

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LM on ArcGIS (Product for Land Management)

LM on ArcGIS, the new product line from AED-SICAD, completes the company group’s portfolio for cadastral and topographical applications worldwide. It comprises all components from data collection and qualification to data management and viewing.

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